Best Skateboards for Beginners – Top 3 Skateboard Decks

So guys, choosing the best skateboards or the best longboards requires us to know about its different parts especially the decks of the skateboards, right? It is literally the backbone of the skateboard. For you guys, we have reviewed three decks; revived blue lifeline deck, a plan B p2 Felipe (with a prism graphic) and an Alien Workshop skateboard deck. But guys before we can discuss the three of these skateboard decks in detail, one of the main features that I will talk about is the “pop” of the skateboard. So for you skateboard beginners, let me clarify that the “pop” especially when picking out best skateboard for tricks is the act of touching the tail of your board to the ground to basically propel the skateboard upwards. Okay so let us get started guys!

So let me start with the first one, the revive deck. Let me explain the pros of this deck. The first pro is definitely the fact that you can pull off tricks and flips with this board which makes it one of the best skateboards for tricks. Another pro is that this thing is pretty sturdy. I mean I can really tell, but this thing does not flex at all. I skated this for a very long time now. Let me get into the cons. I can say that one of the cons was the “pop” of the deck. Although I have had this skateboard for a very long time now and tend to leave it in my trunk, I still feel like it lost the pop feel to it much faster than it should have. There are tons of other decks that I leave in my trunk and those have been fine. Also, I go back to riding some of those and they still have a good pop. That was one thing I was disappointed about with this deck and one other con would be that it got flattened out pretty quickly. So basically, the center of the deck got really flattened out, however, since this is a pre-metal concave board so as to be expected, I guess overall, I would say, I’d recommend this board if you’re looking for a sturdy board that won’t chip easily and one with a mellow concave. It is definitely one of the best skateboards around, though.

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Okay guys, so now let us move onto the plan B P2 board. It is advertised as having the spring-loaded pop the PT series. So I did a pretty good pop when I got it and throughout the month that I rode it. So I would say that the pop is definitely one pro to it. Also, I did like the concave shape that it had. It seemed to be a combination between mellow and steep but closer to the steep end, and I liked it honestly, but that’s just a personal preference thing, so I don’t know if you’d really call that a pro now. There’s only one con I could think of with this board. But it’s a pretty significant one, so you’ll see the tail right here. So basically, my skateboard is not in great condition, and the ridiculous thing is that I only rode this for a month and I was not skating every day. It was every two or three days, probably average, of every 2.5 days. I guess so closer to the end of that month of riding. This there’s a chip, a little big that came off the tail and from that it was just downhill for me and my skateboard. I was just doing a switch flip on flat ground this one time and that chip came out and after that, the rest of the  tail just around that chip started chipping and I’m just really disappointed how badly that, after a month of skating, the entire skateboard just fell apart. Honestly, that turned me off from buying more flambé boards. I had good expectations for them because of some of the riders, but I quickly realized that, just because some good professionals ride for a company doesn’t mean the boards are amazing.

So guys, let us move on to one of the best decks and consequently, one of the best skateboards in town. Introducing the alien Workshop program. Alright, so one pro to this board would definitely be the pop I’d say in general, Alien Workshop Force, 10 adds great pop to your ride, and I rode this for about two months close to that and pop stayed pretty strong throughout those months. Honestly now! It does have a very steep concave, because this was one of the older Alien Workshop models and the older ones had steeper concave than the newer ones. So if you’re looking for a really steep concave, you can go with an older, Alien Workshop graphic now. The main con for this board is this chip on this board, okay granted it wasn’t in the worst location, on the tail of the skateboard and was still much bigger like that plan B chip, but I’m still kind of surprised at where they located it. I’m also kind of surprised at how much of that chipped off, but it didn’t really interfere with tricks. You know it was just uh off the nose, but one other possible con would be that it felt less sturdy than previous boards I’ve ridden in the sense that it tended to flex toward the end of riding. So, actually it’s not that big a deal honestly for all, I would say that my favorite from the three of these boards was definitely the Alien Workshop. Like I said, this older graphic had a much steeper concave and a lot of current boards out there, which I didn’t really find per se, but I do prefer a little bit mellower concave a little bit. The pop definitely stayed consistent throughout my time. It did not diminish noticeably at all, so I hope you guys enjoyed this deck review. I wanted to help you guys pick one of the best skateboards by helping you guys in picking the best skateboard decks. I have given you guys the choice between these three skateboards for beginners each of which have their own pros and cons.

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