Rockford Fosgate Prime Series box

Rockford Fosgate took DNA from its enormous sibling to give an extraordinary performing bass nooks. Developed from overwhelming obligation 5/8″ MDF, these walled in areas are constructed strong and will duplicate bass the way it should be; precise and brimming with affect. The extraordinary “Precious stone R” sewing will tell your companions you mean business, and the high thickness cover will ensure it looks on a par with it sounds.
Key highlights

• Sealed walled in area stacked with two 12-inch R1S412 subwoofers
• Constructed with 5/8″ MDF and secured with high thickness cover
• 600 watts most extreme power dealing with, 300 watts RMS
• Parabolic polypropylene cone, plan enhanced for fixed walled in areas
• High current restricting posts

Outline depictions
Rockford Fosgate Prime Double 12-Inch 4 Ohm pre-stacked fenced in area. Visit 24 hours every day for specialized help or call (800)669-9899 M-F 7 am to 5 pm MST.Need Rockford Fosgate bass in a rush? Drop this double 12″ Prime Loaded fenced in area which are the best shallow mount subwoofers case in your ride and let the tunes knock. Highlighting high current restricting posts, 5/8″ MDF development, and completed with high thickness cover, these stacked walled in areas will deliver all that could possibly be needed bass.
R1L-2X12 Features
• Constructed with 5/8″ MDF
• Covered with high thickness cover
• High current restricting posts
R1S412 Subwoofer

• Parabolic polypropylene cone
• 12 AWG pressure terminals
• 18 check stamped steel outline
• Optimized for fixed fenced in areas

Drop this double 12″ Prime Loaded walled in area in your ride and let the tunes knock.
Snap to enlarge, loaded with two 12-inch Rockford Fosgate R1S412 subs, improved for fixed walled in areas.

Rockford Fosgate as company

Rockford Fosgate items have been planned and designed in Tempe, Arizona since the start. Rockford’s 30 year notoriety is grounded in designing and assembling a portion of the finest sound items on the planet. The organization’s no-trade off approach has yielded protected notable items, for example, the Punch EQ, Punch 45 enhancer and the 3Sixty incorporated flag processor. Today, Rockford’s new items push the execution envelope significantly further. Each new item is a stage forward– they sound greater, they play louder, and run longer. Rockford never makes due with “adequate.” The 2010 product offering speaks to the organization’s center reasoning. Rockfords new enhancers, speakers and subwoofers have increased present expectations on the opposition, you may visit for more details


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